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Introducing chat and shortlinks

April 15th, 2021

We're excited to debut two new features on pace.rip!

Stream chat

Starting today, new livestreams are chat-enabled! No configuration required, and viewers don't need any sorta account to chat.

For the time being, all livestream chats are connected to one another. Our site is teensy enough for this party line approach to make sense.

Huge shoutouts to peertube-plugin-livechat, the phenomenal code under the hood!


We've already briefed the public about shortlinks over on Twitter. But writing on the blog feels regal, so to recap:

Shortlinks are here! As a quick example, let's flatter the admin "kube" and link to their channel page.

pace.rip/u/kube & pace.rip/user/kube

Linking this way is much better than the old-and-bulky method.


For any PeerTube instance operators in the crowd, here's the URL rewrite we included in our nginx config to make this work.

That's the gist <3