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paceboard: open-source speedrun leaderboards

June 29th, 2021

Today, PaceRIP is debuting paceboard, a template-based static site generator for speedrun leaderboards!

paceboard is open-source and in the public domain. So use it as you see fit :)

We plan on expanding the featureset of paceboard over time, and we'll make sure to keep you folks in the loop regarding those future versions.

Technical details

You can configure site details, implement categories, and add runs all from a single Python script (paceboard.py).

Category and run information is stored in csv files for ease of access and editing.

And since paceboard is template-based: if you have any web development know-how, it's pretty simple to tweak the generated pages to your liking!

Demo site

We've got a demo site up and running to show ya what's possible with stock paceboard.