Alternate Platform Day

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

Hi folks! APD was a massive success 🎊

Speedruns Rochester held a marathon for this event!

Run schedule 🏃

APD Discord | List of streamers who participated | How to stream using PeerTube (a guide)

What was Alternate Platform Day?

APD was a chance for speedrunners and viewers to experiment with streaming platforms other than Twitch.

We used PeerTube for all our streams.

I watch speedruns on Twitch. How could I have watched APD?

The APD Discord server was the central hub of this event. You can still join as we transition the server over to PaceRIP shenanigans!

Why did speedrunners participate in APD?

In short: we wanted to help make switching streaming platforms less intimidating for speedrunners at large.

In long:

Twitch has grown increasingly hostile towards the goals of the speedrunning community. However, for speedrunners who earn revenue from their streams, switching platforms is a major financial risk.

As the situation with Twitch continues to worsen, our community must discover for itself a sustainable streaming meta.

APD was a call to direct action that reflects a need for compassionate open access. Direct action includes:

For a day, we hoped to offer speedrunners a chance to switch streaming platforms while maintaining an audience.