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SRROC APD Marathon - Schedule

Saturday, March 6th, 2021

All runs took place on the SRROC PeerTube channel.

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Starts Estimate Runner Game - Category
12:00 PM 30min MissedAWP (they/them) DUSK - Full Game Run (Any% Inbounds)
12:45 PM 1hr 20min PeterAfro (he/him) Rascal - Any%
02:30 PM 30min Kube (they/them) Celeste - Farewell (Clear)
03:15 PM 1hr 15min CriscoWild Donkey Kong Country - All Stages (Co-Op)
03:15 PM 1hr 15min Tboy07 Donkey Kong Country - All Stages (Co-Op)
05:00 PM 20min CorundumCore (she/they) WitchWay - All Bunnies
06:30 PM 4hr 30min Druncle_Titus (he/him) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Glitchless Any%